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Big Finch FeederHow do I assemble and fill my Big Finch Feeder?

Open up your Big Finch Feeder. Inside you will find 6 perches and 12 push in clips.

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Assembling your Big Finch Feeder

Big Finch Feeder tilt back. Big Finch Feeder inserting pins. Big Finch Feeder ready to fill.
Tilt the feeder back to insert
the perch from the bottom,
hooking it into the feeder.
Now align the perch with the holes in the feeder, and push the clips into the holes. Repeat for all the perches. Your perches should now be attached to the feeder. Your feeder can now be filled!
Big Finch Feeder placing on post. Big Finch Feeder adding seed. Big Finch Feeder done.
Place your assembled Big Finch Feeder on the post. Fill the feeder with seed. Snap the lid firmly in place. Finished!

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