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Who is Charman Products?

Big Bird FeederspacerHi. My name is Bob Hagerman and I'm the owner of Charman Products and the inventor of the Big Bird Feeder.

A few years ago I was away from home for some extended periods of time and I noticed that while I was gone, my bird friends were running out of food. After I couldn’t find the right bird feeder for my needs, I decided I would have to invent a new kind of bird feeder – one that didn't run out of food if I was away for a week or two or even longer.

Easy Mount Bird HomespacerWell, it took a while and a few false starts, but I finally came up with what I think is the best solution for keeping your hungry bird friends happy: The Charman Products Big Bird Feeder™. If you love feeding your birds, but just can’t do it every day, this is the bird feeder for you. It's affordable, attractive and easy to use. And the birds seem to love it.

After the Big Bird Feeder was created, I thought it would be a good idea to add a few more products that bird lovers might need or want and before I knew it I had added several versions of suet feeders, a rustic-stye bird home and even my Easy T-mount to make mounting all my products as easy as possible.

Well, that's it in a nutshell. I hope you enjoy my web site and find the products you want to keep your bird frields healthy and happy.

By the way, many Charman products are designed to fit a common steel t-post found at many good hardware or building supply stores. Click here to learn more.

Bob Hagerman
Owner, Charman Products

(785) 856-8831

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